Additional Services

Want to take your brand up a notch with retail level add-ons? Here’s how:

Ink being pressed onto a shirt.

Tag Printing

Custom tags screen printed directly on the garment bring your brand together in a sleek and memorable way.

Hem Tags

An eye-catching add-on that can be placed on the hems of your garments.


Keep your garments clean, protected and organized during storage or shipping.

Simulated Process Printing

Achieve photo-realistic prints or smooth gradients with this printing process.

Glow in the Dark

Make your design come alive in the dark with glow in the dark ink.

Tonal Printing

Give your garments a subtle vintage feel with tonal printing process.

Metallic Ink

Add some shine to your shirts with our metallic inks.

Puff Ink

Make your design pop with this textured, three-dimensional ink.

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